The Vassal-Montpellier Grapevine BRC

A worldwide unique collection

The Vassal-Montpellier Grapevine Biological Resources Center (Grapevine-BRC) is the French central ampelographic collection. Due to its size and richness, it is the reference repository at international level. The Grapevine-BRC is at present hosted by the INRA Experimental Unit of Domaine de Vassal (Marseillan-plage, Hérault). Its transfer to the INRA Pech Rouge Experimental Unit (Gruissan, Aude) is under progress.

Established in 1876 at the Montpellier school for agriculture (today Montpellier SupAgro), this collection is located since 1949 on the Vassal Estate (Domaine de Vassal, Marseillan-plage) where it has been enhanced over the years. It is comprised today of over 7800 accessions originating from ca 50 countries.

The grapevine BRC is entirely dedicated to the conservation, characterization and valorization of grapevine genetic resources. It moderates, together with the French Institute for Vine and Wine (IFV), the French network of Grapevine repositories, which brings together more than 30 professional partners. It also takes part in research programs at national, European and international levels.

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