Experimental facilities

Experimental facilities

The Grapevine BRC is provided with the following facilities:

  • 27 ha of vineyards on sandy soils
  • 780 m2 of greenhouses, including one fitted with an insect-proof screen.
  • A shed for agricultural equipment
  • Technical premises (plant material preparation, micro-vinification, analyses, etc)
  • Herbarium and documentation room
  • Offices

In addition, a safety duplicate for part of the collection has been set up on the Domaine du Chapitre estate (Villeneuve-les-Maguelone, Hérault), which belongs to Institut agro Montpellier. It ensures the secured maintenance of rare accessions in insect-proof greenhouses.

Finally, all tropical species are grown in a heated greenhouse at INRAE Diascope (Melgueil Experimental Unit, Mauguio, Hérault).

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