Requests for plant material

Requests for plant material

For all plant material requests, the applicant must abide by current French, European, and international regulations.

Requests for grapevine varieties must be addressed in writing ( to the Grapevine BRC manager before November 30th, for a shipment during the winter.

The request should state:

  • The recipient’s business name and the intended use of the plant material
  • The name of the requested varieties/species
  • The quantity (number of buds) requested for each variety/species
  • Full address for shipping and invoicing
  • Type of shipment requested

Any plant material transfer requires the previous signature of a “Material Transfer Agreement” (MTA) by both parties (contact us). Varieties are usually sent as 45-cm long hardwood cuttings (non-grafted), in the “experimental” category. As such, the material has been clearly identified, but not subjected to any selection.
In some cases, a financial contribution towards maintenance and shipping costs may be sought.

Modification date : 06 November 2023 | Publication date : 06 November 2023 | Redactor : T. Lacombe C. Marchal