The Vassal-Montpellier grapevine BRC is currently hosted by the Domaine de Vassal Experimental Unit.

This unit is placed under the joint administrative supervision of two INRAE divisions, the Plant Biology and Breeding division (BAP) and the Science and Process Engineering of Agricultural Products division (CEPIA). Locally, the unit is placed under the responsibility of the President of the Montpellier INRAE Center.

Since 2008, as it belongs to the Géno-Vigne® Joint Technological Unit (IFV, INRAE, Institut agro Montpellier), the Domaine de Vassal EU is provided with a Scientific Council. In parallel, a Users Scientific Committee was recreated in 2012.

At the scientific level, the Vassal-Montpellier collection has been supported ever since its creation in 1949 by the Montpellier research unit in charge of grapevine plant material issues (today the AGAP-DAAV team). This scientific supervision is reflected by weekly on-site visits from the BRC scientific managers.   

Composition of the Users Scientific Committee

President : Anne-Françoise Adam-Blondon (INRAE Versailles, Deputy Chief of the BAP Research Division)

Members :

  • Laurent AUDEGUIN (IFV Pôle Matériel Végétal)
  • Jean-Marc AUDERGON (INRAE Avignon - UR GAFL)
  • Thierry LACOMBE (Institut agro Montpellier - UMR AGAP)
  • Cécile MARCHAL (INRA Montpellier - UE Vassal)
  • Elisa MARGUERIT (Bordeaux Sciences Agro - UMR EGFV)
  • Hernàn OJEDA (INRAE Montpellier - UE Pech Rouge)
  • Patrice THIS (INRAE Montpellier - UMR AGAP)
  • Géraldine URIEL (CIVC - Présidente du CTNSP)

Modification date: 06 March 2024 | Publication date: 09 October 2015 | By: P. Châtelet