Partners of the Grapevine-BRC

INRAE-Institut agro Montpellier Research team « Diversity, Adaptation and Breeding of Grapevine» (DAAV) in the Montpellier AGAP joint research Unit. Read more >>>

- Institut agro Montpellier: Institute for Higher Education in Vine and Wine Sciences (IHEV) and Domaine du Chapitre estate.

- French Institute for Vine and Wine (IFV), more specifically in the frame of  UMT Géno-Vigne ®. Read more >>>

- Regional partners from the French Grapevine Repositories network; Read more >>>

- GEVES-OCVV and the CTPS grapevine section, in the context of applications for variety registration in the French Catalogue. Read more >>>

- Wine Mosaic. A not-for-profit project intent on promoting “vinodiversity” and ancient grapevines varieties of the Mediterranean 

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